Old Lock – a New Charcoal Drawing

Tis the Season

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been busy working on the first of a few gift drawings. Having just finished my vine charcoal drawing from the previous post, my head was fully in charcoal mode and ready to keep going with another drawing. This particular piece is for an art exchange at my local art league and had to meet certain parameters  – an approximate size… Continue reading

Vine Charcoal Drawing – Finished!

Back at the Easel

Hello friends. At long last I was able to get back into the studio (a.k.a. – the corner of my bedroom) and revisit the vine charcoal drawing I’ve been working on since September. Fall is the busiest season at my company – October in particular – and things have finally begun to quiet down enough that I can concentrate on other pursuits outside of work. Today… Continue reading

New Drawing – Two Indonesian Children

A Boot-Maker With No Boots…

Since late June I’ve been working through the Bargue course as well as the painting from the previous post, “Oil Painting – More Progress”. My work on the Bargue course is, of necessity and design, a long-term project that will likely last some years. At the same time, my painting is progressing slowly – also out of necessity… Continue reading